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Welcome to The Association For Manufacturing Technology's European Office, the gateway to the U.S. manufacturing industry. It provides a single-point contact for all European markets, while it is particularly at home in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, not only because of its location. 

We can help whether you are looking for a manufacturing solution, shopping for a new machine, or looking for a strategic partner. New technological solutions, with the ever growing online support at the time of tailoring the applications and the projects, are so much easier to apply when it comes to the implementation phase. Factories are becoming smart digital, the reality is augmented, industries are 4.0. All is within reach with the AMT members. 

Take a little time to get to know us better through our Member Product Directory.  Well over 400 members are "Best in Class" providers of equipment of the very latest technology. Some 200 members offer the manufacturing technology distributing services in the United States. 

The global-oriented U.S. manufacturing technology has many satisfied users accross the European continent, irrespective of their location in the European Union or beyond, practically in all markets in need of the advanced technical solutions. All the time it is looking for the mutually beneficial transactions and projects. 

We invite European companies to look for opportunities of partnership with the U.S. manufacturers of machine tools / manufacturing technology, beginning with sales distribution and service support. Have a capacity?  Contact us now.

The world is becoming more complicated by the day. Nevertheless, AMT members think business and they believe that business will prevail, whatever the circumstances.

With the link here below we share an update for the European landscape of the main manufacturing technology users, previously available to the participants of the IMTS Spark program, that replaced the 2020 IMTS show in-person. And make a note: the IMTS 2022 is on!

Need more information?  Contact us now.

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